New Issues from HopVine Music! May 17 2014

I have just received several new issues from Hopvine Music in England:

1. Three Bagatelles by Michael Norris for 4 bassoons and harpsichord, HOP 110, $40.00

2. Three Dances by Michael Norris for 3 bassoons, HOP 101, $32.00

3. Six Bagatelles by Michael Norris for 3 bassoons, HOP 105, $32.00

4. Three More Dances by Michael Norris for 3 bassoons, HOP 102, $32.00

5. The Bassoon by Quenton Ashlyn for bassoon, voice and piano, HOP 8, $8.00


New Issues from Hal Leonard! May 04 2014

I have just received three new issues from Hal Leonard:

1. "Darissimo" by Jeannine Richer for solo oboe ESC 8845 $10.00

2. Classical Solos V2 for Bassoon and Piano HL, $15.00

3. Classical Solos V2 for Oboe and Piano HL, $15.00

New Issues from TrevCo Music Publishing April 21 2014

I have just received a shipment of new issues from TMP, including:

1. Marc Vallon- Five French Folk Songs for oboe, bassoon, and strings: TCO 1364b, $32.00

2. Vincenzo Menghini- 50 Studies, V1 for bassoon: TCO 9025, $28.00

3. Mozart- Autumn Romance (Glickman) for bassoon and piano: TCO 4537, $12.00

4. Ernest Chaussons- Les Papillons for oboe and strings: TCO 1454, $14.00

5. Traditional- Two settings of Amazing Grace for 4 bassoons: TCO 2004, $12.00

6. Cramer- Classic Oldies V5 for 4 bassoons: TCO 5024, $14.00

7. Strauss- Waltzing with Strauss (Glickman) for 4 bassoons: TCO 4536, $14.00

8. Misc- 3 Opera Arias (Glickman) for 4 bassoons: TCO 4535, $14.00


New Issues including a new contrabassoon method April 14 2014

I have just received two new publications in the mail:

1. Enseignement du Contrebasson by Marius Piard, Leduc, $30.00

2. Sonata for bassoon and piano by Crystal Godfrey LaPoint, CGl Music $25.00

New Issues from TrevCo-Music Publishing! April 08 2014

I just got a new shipment in from TrevCo Music Publishing:

1. Four Tableaux on Clouds for solo bassoon by David Root TCO 2003, $14.00

2. Priere de Moise from "Moses in Egypt" by Rossini for Woodwind Quintet, TCO 3172 $14.00

3. Soirees Musicales by Rossini, arranged for oboe, clarinet, and bassoon, TCO 3173, $24.00

4. Elegy for bassoon and organ by Charles Callahan, TCO 3169, $10.00

5. Quintet #2 for Woodwind Quintet by Matthew Durrant, TCO 3166, $24.00

6. Concerto in C F8#21 for bassoon and piano by Vivaldi, TCO 8821k, $16.00

7. Concerto in C F8#21 for bassoon and strings by Vivaldi, TCO 8821, $85.00


New Issues from Boosey & Hawkes! April 07 2014

I have just received two new issues from Boosey & Hawkes:

1. Grade by Grade V1 for oboe and piano (CD)

2. Grade by Grade V2 for oboe and piano (CD)

New Issue! "Super Groove" by Mike D'Ambrosio April 05 2014

Here is a new issue from Potenza Music, "Super Groove" by Mike D'Ambrosio. Originally commissioned by Celeste Johnson, professor of oboe at Oklahoma State University. For details, please click here:

New Issues by Elliott Carter, Mozart, Dvorak, etc. March 27 2014

I have received a shipment of new issues from several publishers that include:

1. Quartet #12 in F Major Op 96 "American" by Dvorak, arranged for Wind Quintet

2. Quartet #14 K387 "Spring" by Mozart, arranged for Wind Quintet

3. Figment VI for solo oboe by Elliott Carter

4. Trio #6 Op 83 for flute, oboe, and clarinet by James Hook

5. Quintet, "New Mexico" for Woodwind Quintet by Gene Milford

New Issue: The Breathing Book for Oboe by Stephen Caplan March 24 2014

The Breathing Book by Stephen Caplan:

New Issues from TrevCo Music Publishing! March 24 2014

I have just received a new shipment from TrevCo Music Publishing. New Issues include:

1. Beethoven, Trio Op 87 for 2 oboe and English Horn- this is a new critical edition from Caldini, based on the original manuscript:

2. Durrant, Quintet #1 for Woodwind Quintet:

3. Bartok, Rondo #3 for Woodwind Quintet:

4. Wagner, Siegfried's Funeral March from Gotterdammerung for 4 bassoons and contrabassoon:

5. Isaacson, That Cowpoke's Brassy Two-Step for oboe and piano:

6. Isaacson, My Shepherd for oboe and piano:

7. Isaacson, The Circle for English Horn and piano:

8. Isaacson, Ubuntu (Mandella) for bassoon and multiple percussion:

9. Kummer, Variations on "Es kann ja nicht immer so bleiben..." for bassoon and piano:

10. Kummer, Variations on "Es kann ja nicht immer so bleiben..." for bassoon and orchestra:

11. Karl King, Barnum and Bailey's Favorite for 4 bassoons (Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet Edition)

12. Debussy, Le Petite Negre for 4 bassoons (Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet Edition):

13. Ravel, Piece en forme de habanera for 4 bassoons (Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet Edition:

New Issues from Barenreiter and Billaudot March 21 2014

I just received two new issues in the mail:

1. Modest Moussorgsky's  "Night on Bald Mountain" for Woodwind Quintet


2. Robert Clerisse's "Piece de Concours" for oboe and piano

New Issues from Potenza Music March 01 2014

Three new titles include:

1. James Grant- Seven Shards for Trio d'anches, PZA 20007, $30.00:

2. Theresa Martin- Visionary for clarinet, bassoon, and piano, PZA 30117, $30.00:

3. Peter Simpson- Bassoon Duets from Orchestral Excerpts V1 for 2 bassoons, PZA 40012, $25.00:

New Issues from TrevCo-Music Publishing March 01 2014

I have just received a new shipment of pieces from TrevCo-Music Publishing. These include:

1. An Introduction to Contemporary Music with 64 Etudes by Stephanie Willow Patterson TCO 9022, $48.00:

2. Lady Gaga Saga- Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet, TCO 3807, $24.00:

3. L'Olimpiade for Woodwind Quintet- Pergolesi, TCO 3164, $16.00:

Searches for Christmas Music, Reedmaking, and more November 03 2013

Are you looking for Christmas music for your ensemble? We have created a new search category to help you find all of the sheet music you need for holiday concerts. Simply click this link for a list of all of our Christmas music.

To see all of our Christmas music for a specific ensemble, use our keyword search box at the top of any page. Just type in "Christmas" and the type of ensemble, such as "woodwind quintet".

We have also made a list of all reedmaking reference materials, categorized by instrument:

We will be adding more quicklinks to help you quickly find specific items, such as method books, orchestral excerpt books, books with collections of solo music, and more. Stay tuned!