We get new stuff from time to time, doncha know? March 05 2018

I have received a number of new issues from various publishers, including:

  1. Morceaux De Salon for bassoon and piano by Giacomo Baldi, TCO 2352, $16.00
  2. Concerto in c minor for four bassoons and contrabassoon by Antonio Vivaldi, TCO 1930, $20.00
  3. Trois Duos Concertantes for two oboes by Ferling, TCO 1929, $24.00
  4. Quartet #6b for flute, clarinet, horn, and bassoon by Rossini, TCO 6209, $24.00
  5. Three Places in Vienna for oboe, clarinet, and bassoon by Jaren Hinckley, TCO 1928, $28.00
  6. Concerto in a minor F8#2 for bassoon and piano by Antonio Vivaldi, TCO 8802k, $16.00
  7. Concerto in D Major for two oboes and piano Op 7 #8 by Tomaso Albinoni, KZM GM346, $21.00
  8. Concerto in F Major for oboe and piano Op 7 #9 by Tomaso Albinoni, KZM GM347, $19.00
  9. Two Pieces for woodwind quintet by Peder Holm, HAN 29070A, $32.00
  10. Duo for oboe and bassoon by Peter Lutek, M&M 4955, $12.00