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New Books for Bassoon! December 31 2015

I have just received shipment of three new reference works for bassoon:

1. Bassoon Reed Making: Lou Skinner's Theories and Techniques, IUP, $35.00

2. Bassoon Reed Making: A Pedagogic History, by Christin Schillinger, IUP 2016, $30.00

3. The Bassoon and Contrabassoon by Lyndsay G Langwill, WW Norton, $23.00

Searches for Christmas Music, Reedmaking, and more November 03 2013

Are you looking for Christmas music for your ensemble? We have created a new search category to help you find all of the sheet music you need for holiday concerts. Simply click this link for a list of all of our Christmas music.

To see all of our Christmas music for a specific ensemble, use our keyword search box at the top of any page. Just type in "Christmas" and the type of ensemble, such as "woodwind quintet".

We have also made a list of all reedmaking reference materials, categorized by instrument:

We will be adding more quicklinks to help you quickly find specific items, such as method books, orchestral excerpt books, books with collections of solo music, and more. Stay tuned!