New Issues "Gobble! Gobble!" for November November 17 2018

New Issues for Thanksgiving include:
1. 11 Bassoon Recital Pieces for bassoon and piano by Julius Weissenborn, edited by Robert Williams, STX B587, $28.00
2. Six Etudes Romantiques for solo oboe by Gilles Silvestrini, DLT 2816, $44.00
3. Understanding the Oboe Reed by Graham Salter, $66.00
4. Concerto Op 7 for oboe and piano by Marie Clemence de Grandval, STX SS142, $20.00
5. The Long & Short of It for woodwind quintet by Paul Lansky, CF WE22, $65.00
6. Fantasia #1 for two clarinets, horn, and bassoon by Henry Purcell, WIM155, $9.00
7. Phoenix for woodwind quintet by Marc Mellits, DAC 2017, $40.00
8. Elegy for oboe and piano by Raymond Bukhart, RBP 1259, $15.00
9. Venezia for oboe and piano by Raymond Burkhart, RBP 1302, $12.00
10. Lonely Moon for woodwind quintet by Raymond Burkhart, RBP 1252, $22.00
11. Village Scenes for oboe, clarinet, and bassoon by Howard Buss, BXP 395, $18.50
12. Octet #3 in Bb Major for woodwind octet by Josef Myslivecek, ACC 1761, $55.00
13. Aus mein Leben for clarinet, two horns, bassoon, violin, viola, and cello by Joseph Miroslav Weber, ACC 1758, $140.00
14. 15 Great Christmas Songs for bassoon (or two bassoons) and piano, EWH EW1006, $40.00
15. Chaconne in C Major for two recorders (or two oboes, or oboe and violin) and piano (basso continuo) by Johann Valentin Meder, EWH EW1063, $30.00
16. Sonata in c minor for oboe, violin, and basso continuo by Gottfried Finger, EWH EW1049, $30.00
17. Trio Sonata in c minor TWV 42:c5 for oboe (or violin), viola, and basso continuo by Georg Philipp Telemann, EWH EW1048, $30.00
18. Paganini Variations Op 45 for bassoon and piano by Oliver Drechsel, SST 10123, $28.00