New Issues from Portugal! May 21 2019

I have received an order from Portuguese Publisher, AVA Musical Editions. 

1. Sete Miniaturas for unaccompanied oboe by Paulo Bastos, AVA110636

2. Pequenas historias de um fagote for bassoon and piano by Paulo Bastos, AVA110829

3. Reverie for bassoon and piano by Francisco A.N. Santos Pinto, AVA070064

4. Tres Miniaturas for unaccompanied bassoon by Sergio Azevedo, AVA070091

5. Os Contos do Oboe Op 73 for oboe and piano by Ricardo Matosinhos, AVA171654

6. Oboe Quintet for oboe and string quartet by Sergio Azevedo, AVA161616

7. Sonatine Breve for oboe and piano by Anne Victorino D'Almeida, AVA161608

8. Pastoral for unaccompanied oboe by Daniel Moreira, AVA100409