New Issues from around the world March 23 2017

I have taken delivery of a number of new issues, including:

1. Rondo Giocoso for bassoon and piano by Ian Parrott, PP286, $15.00

2. Mars, The Bringer of War from "The Planets" for three bassoons and contrabassoon by Gustav Holst, arranged by Kristian Oma Ronnes, TCO 3200, $18.00

3. Premier Solo for bassoon and piano by Eugene Bourdeau, edited by Trevor Cramer, TCO 1726, $12.00

4. Arabesque #1 for double reed septet by Claude Debussy, arranged by Mark Perchanok, TCO 2056, $18.00

5. Toccatina for bassoon and piano by Pierre Gabaye, TCO 9074, $10.00

6. Sarabande Variations for woodwind quintet and piano by Gary Friedman, GF29, $15.00

7. Concertino #2 for bassoon and orchestra (score and set) by Peter von Winter, TCO  6202, $95.00

8. Cairo Glyphics for English horn and Marimba by Michael Isaacson, TCO 1649, $14.00

9. Fiori Musicali, Ricercare dopo il credo for double reed quartet by Frescobaldi, TCO 6129, $14.00

10. Peer Gynt Suite #1 for four bassoons and contrabassoon by Edvard Grieg, arranged by Kristian Oma Ronnes, TCO 3199 $32.00