New Issues for the New Year! January 15 2019

1. Windfall for Woodwinds for woodwind quintet by Bill Holcombe, MP WQ302, $15.00

2. Sonatina #1 for woodwind quartet by Dmitri Kabalevsky, MP WR165, $15.00

3. American Spirituals Medley for bassoon (trombone) quartet by Jerry Nowak, MP TQ128, $20.00

4. Trio in F Major Op 7 for bassoon, viola, and cello by Robert Lindley, ACC 1754 $40.00

5. Concerto in F Major for bassoon and piano by Joseph Fiala, ACC 1764k, $38.00

6. Concerto in F Major for bassoon and orchestra (score) by Joseph Fiala, ACC 1764p, $48.00

7. Sound Good! (Five Recital Pieces) for oboe and piano by Michael Jacques, OUP, $15.00

8. 12 Etudes Canoniques for two oboes by Marcel Bitsch, BIL 9853, $23.00

9. Simpatici ricordi della "Traviata" for oboe and piano by Antonio Pasculli, BIL 9756, $29.00

10. Compostela for unaccompanied bassoon by Jenni Brandon, JB147, $16.00