New Issues for (mostly) Double Reed Ensemble September 04 2016

I have taken delivery of a number of new issues of the course of the summer. Highlights include:

1. Three Songs of Love and Death for soprano, oboe, and piano by Mark Biggam- MB1993, $30.00
2. Regalo por Costa Rica for oboe and English horn by Mark Biggam, MB2015, $12.50
3. Etude on a variation for solo bassoon by Mark Biggam, MB2013, $10.00
4. Music for Celebration for flexible instrumentation, Editio Musica Budapest, EMB 14963, $23.00
5. Sobre las Olas for Double Reed Choir by Juventino Rosas, TCO 1985, $22.00
6. Wintersturme Walzer for Double Reed Choir by Julius Fucik, TCO 1986, $38.00
7. Nocturno for Double Reed Choir by Vasily Kalinnikov, TCO 1987, $18.00
8. Grillen from "Fantasiestucke" for Double Reed Choir by Robert Schumann, TCO 1988, $22.00
9. Was it a Dream? for oboe and piano by Jean Sibelius, TCO 2103, $8.00
10. Was it a Dream? for bassoon and piano by Jean Sibelius, TCO 2014, $8.00
11. La Comparsa for three bassoons by Ernesto Lecuona, TCO 2011, $12.00
12. Rag-Soon for three bassoons by Eduardo Albuerme, TCO 2012, $14.00
13. Tico Tico for four bassoons by Zequinha Abreu, TCO 2013, $16.00
14. Slavonic Dance #9 for four bassoons by Antonin Dvorak, TCO 2014, $18.00

15. Intrada for solo bassoon by Ryan Hare, TCO 2015, $12.00