New Issues for Double Reeds (Well, of course!) September 25 2016

I have taken delivery of a number of new issues that include:

1. Three Love Songs for bassoon and voice by Ryan Romine, TCO 2028, $16.00
2. QuinteTango for reed quintet: oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, and bassoon by Mariano Mores, TCO 11594, $24.00
3. Legend of the Sea for solo bassoon by Xinyan Li, TCO 2016, $18.00
4. Play for solo oboe and audience by Kelly Vaneman, TCO 2102, $18.00
5. Waterworks for double reed quartet by Michael J. Vince, TCO 2029, $16.00
6. Eight Poetic Waltzes for woodwind quintet by Enrique Granados, TCO 2030, $36.00
7. Slavonic Dance Op 46 #3 for double reed choir by Antonin Dvorak, TCO 1990, $22.00
8. Since Dawn is Breaking for oboe and piano by David Dubery, JEE E713, $20.00
9. Napolitan: Air Variee Op 28 for bassoon and piano by Eugene Jancourt, JEE E710, $16.00
10. 13 Caprices for solo bassoon by Niccolo Paganini, JEE E715, $22.00
11. Romantic Pieces Op 75 for bassoon and piano by Antonin Dvorak, ACC 1629, $32.00
12. Quartet in d minor Op 93 for Woodwind Quartet by Karl Eduard Goepfart, ACC 1616, $45.00
13. 26 Melodic Studies for bassoon by Graham Sheen, JEE E709, $16.00
14. Five Bagatelles for bassoon by Graham Sheen, JEE E708, $14.00
15. Song for Sidney for two oboes and piano by Melinda Maxwell, JEE E702, $12.00
16. Etude #3: La Campanella for solo bassoon by Niccolo Paganini, JEE E711, $12.00
17. The Praying Mantis and the Silkworms for solo oboe by Peter Faces, JEE E707, $12.00