New Issues for April, 2019! April 03 2019

1. Dark Wood for bassoon, violin, cello, and piano by Jennifer Higdon, LAW02, $75.00
2. Fagotten Dreams for bassoon quartet by Leroy Anderson, TCO 1829, $10.00
3. Aria & Allegro Brilliante for oboe and piano be Richard Cioffari, TCO 2354, $18.00
4. Sonata in C Major for bassoon and piano by Johann Friedrich Fasch, TCO 2355, $16.00
5. Symphony #1 in Bb Major for double reed quintet by William Boyce, TCO 2379, $14.00
6. Von Gott will ich nicht lassen for double reed quintet by Johann Sebastian Bach, TCO 2380, $16.00
7. Elegia for bassoon and piano by Giovanni Bottesini, TCO 1827, $14.00
Arranged by Ken Watson
8. Wedding and Events Collection Volume 1 for double reed quartet, TCO 1819, $28.00
9. Wedding and Events Collection Volume 2 for double reed quartet, TCO 1820, $28.00
10. Claire de Lune for double reed choir by Claude Debussy, TCO 1821, $16.00
11. Pavane for double reed choir by Gabriel Faure, TCO 1822, $20.00
12. Molly on the Shore for double reed choir by Percy Grainger, TCO 1823, $24.00
13. Alla Hornpipe from "Water Music" for double reed choir by Georg Friedrich Handel, TCO 1824, $30.00
14. Vocalise for double reed choir by Sergei Rachmaninoff, TCO 1825, $22.00
15. The Entertainer for double reed choir by Scott Joplin, TCO 1826, $16.00
16. Adagio for double reed choir by Samuel Barber, TCO 1828, $20.00
From Imagine Music Publishing
17. Allegro for oboe and piano by Marvin Carlton, IMG IMS186, $12.00
18. Prayer for oboe and piano by Willard Zirk, IMG IMF192, $10.00
19. Two Pieces for oboe and piano by Marvin Carlton, IMG CMW192, $12.00
20. Light Through the Darkness for bassoon and piano  by Angela Salvaggione, IMG IMW191, $10.00
21. Reverie Serene for bassoon and piano by Clint Williams, IMG IMS187, $10.00
22. Summer Soliloquy for oboe, bassoon, and piano by Daniel Baldwin, IMG IMS183, $22.00
23. Trio for flute, bassoon, and piano by Marvin Carlton, IMG CMS185, $30.00
24. Alka for bassoon and chamber orchestra by Anton J. de Lange, IMG CMS188, $40.00
25. The Rite of Spring for woodwind quintet and piano by Igor Stravinsky, arranged by Peter Facer, IMG CMS1812, $90.00