A new chapter for Trevco-Varner Music July 06 2020

T.D. Ellis here, new owner of Trevco-Varner Music.  It's been quite an adventure moving the inventory from Florida to Connecticut.  Because of the coronavirus situation, I rented a car and drove to Florida on March 15th, arriving on March 16th.  Much to my dismay, the 500 bankers boxes I had ordered never arrived, so I sent my brother out in a 20 foot Uhaul to go find boxes from wherever he could.  An hour or so later, he returned with boxes from UHalu, Lowes and CubeSmart, all roughly the same size.  5 hours later, with the help of 5 students from Lynn Conservatory, we had all the music packed.  The next morning, it took 3 movers 3 hours to load the truck.  Road trip!  12 hours to Virginia, then another 11 hours the next day back to Connecticut.  We got the truck unloaded.  Little by little, we're getting organized and unpacked, but filling orders does seem like a treasure hunt at times.  There are still some obscure publishers we are looking for.  They'll turn up!