New Issues from Accolade and TrevCo Music Publishing! October 04 2015

I have received a number of new issues from Accolade Musikverlag in Germany, as well as new issues from TrevCo-Music Publishing in Sarasota, Florida. These include:

1. Scandinavian Carols for double reed quartet by Mark Perchanok, TCO 1981, $8.00

2. Symphonie Fantastique, 1st movement, "Reveries-Passions", arranged for four bassoons by Dominik Schluz, TCO 2915, $28.00

3. Postcards from the Inland Sea for oboe and piano, by Matthew Durrant, TCO 1805, $18.00

4. Introduction, Andante, et Polonaise for oboe and piano by Peter Cornelius, TCO 2008, $18.00

5. Two Arias from "The Magic Flute" for woodwind octet, arranged by John R. Stewart, TCO 2007, $20.00

6. Concerto in d minor for oboe, bassoon, violin, and piano by Fasch, TCO 3183, $28.00

7. Bachalicious for solo bassoon by Ryan Hare, TCO 3158, $12.00

8. Concerto in G Major F8#37 (Score and set of parts) by Antonio Vivaldi, TCO 8837, $85.00

9. Cavatina "Una voce poco fa" for bassoon and piano by Frederic Berr, ACC 1556, $25.00

10. The Magic Rainbow for four bassoons by Luc Grethen, ACC 1553, $34.00

11. Souvenir de L'Italie for bassoon and piano by Eugene Jancourt, ACC 1560, $26.00

12. Two Duos for two bassoons or horn and bassoon by Jan Vaclav Knezek, ACC 1562, $30.00

13. Six Sonatas V1 for bassoon and cello or two bassoons, by GF Telemann, ACC 1328a, $32.00

14. Sonata in d minor for bassoon and piano by CPE Bach, ACC 1568, $30.00