New Issues from Various Publishers August 26 2015

I have a number of new issues including:

1. Concerto for Bassoon and Piano by Marjan Mozetich, CMC 53182, $60.00

2. Spinning Song for Woodwind Quintet by Mendelssohn, KEN 17001, $12.50

3. Variations on a Theme by Paganini by Klemmstein, for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, and strings, HOF 3078, $100.00

4. Bach Solos for solo oboe by JS Bach, HOF 3050, $40.00

5. Concerto "L'Olimpiade" for oboe and piano, by Uri Rom, HOF 2968, $55.00

6. Maria's Lullaby for Double Reed Quartet, by Max Reger, TCO 1977, $10.00

7. Six Recital Pieces for bassoon and piano by Ludwig Milde, ACC 1554, $28.00

8. Quatuor Concertante Op 27 #1 for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and horn by Gebauer, ACC 238B, $44.00

9. Concerto in Bb Major for bassoon and piano by Rosetti, ACC 1155k, $32.00

10. Six Easy Solos V2 for bassoon and basso continuo by Stephen Paxton, ACC 1489b, $38.00

11. Duet on a Chinese Song, "Dance of the Yao People" for two bassoons by Shi Li, ACC 1547, $10.00

12. Divertimento on a Chinese Children's Song for five bassoons and piano by Shi Li, ACC 1549, $40.00