New Issues from TMP! July 28 2015

I have received a large shipment of new issues from TrevCo Music Publishing and Trevor Cramer. These include:

1. Lag og variationir for solo bassoon by Kari Baek, TCO 1471, $10.00

2. La Passeggiatta for solo bassoon by Kim, Chan Ji, TCO 1801, $18.00

3. Rosemoor Suite for Woodwind Quintet by Truman Harris, TCO 1803, $38.00

4. Four Signs for bassoon and contrabassoon by John Steinmetz, TCO 1679, $24.00

5. Three Pieces for double Woodwind quintet by John Steinmetz, TCO 3909, $95.00

6. Florentiner March for Double Reed Choir by Julius Fucik TCO 1971, $22.00

7. Suite #1 for solo oboe, by JS Bach, arranged by Nancy King from the Bach Cello Suite, TCO 3180, $14.00

8. Sonata in d minor for solo bassoon by JS Bach, arranged by Trevor Cramer and Bodo Koenigsbeck, TCO 1472, $12.00