New Issues July 21 2015

I have received a number of new issues over the summer. Some of these include:

1. The Most Beautiful Song in the World for Woodwind Quintet by David Del Tredici. $35.00, Boosey and Hawkes

2. Little Suite for bassoon and bass clarinet by Reed Hanna, $25.00, Potenza Music

3. Little Suite for two bassoons by Reed Hanna, $25.00, Potenza Music

4. Suite for Woodwind Sextet by Igor Stravinsky (arranged by Albie Micklich), $30.00, Potenza Music

5. Sonata for bassoon and piano by Peter Hope, $30.00, Accolade Music

6. Fugue in g minor BWV578 for bassoon quintet by JS Bach (arranged by Shi Li), $30.00, Accolade Music

7. Sonata #1 in b minor for bassoon quintet and harpsichord by Purcell (arranged by Shi Li), $30.00, Accolade Music

And a whole bunch of McGinnis and Marx reprints have been re-added to the catalog, including both volumes of the Galliard "Six Sonatas for Bassoon and Keyboard".