New Issues from TrevCo Music Publishing and CIndy McTee! December 19 2014

I have received several new issues recently, which include:

1. Circle Music III by Cindy McTee, for bassoon and piano, BHM, $25.00

From TrevCo-Music Publishing:

2. Telemann- Sonata in G Major TWV 41:G6 (arranged Glickman) for bassoon and piano- TCO 4546, $16.00

3. Waldteufel- Estudiantina for double reed septet (arranged by Mark Perchanok)- TCO 1955, $22.00

4. Delibes- Pizzicati from "Syliva" (arranged by Sylvia Coricelli) for three bassoons or two bassoons and contra- TCO 4104- $12.00

5. Hillery, Louise- Lake Moods for Double Reed Quartet- TCO 1468, $16.00

6. Isaacson, Michael-Elegy for oboe and piano or oboe and string quartet- TCO 1647, $16.00

7. Isaacson, Michael- But the Blues Don't Really Care for bassoon, piano, and string bass- TCO 1648, $12.00