New Issues from Imagine Music September 10 2014

I have received a shipment of new issues from Imagine Music. Titles include:

1. So Too, Fell Daedalus for two bassoons by Kevin Timothy Austin- $10.00

2. In the Shining of the Stars for contra, viola, and harp by Daniel Baldwin- $12.00

3. Gaze for oboe, bassoon, and piano by David Bixler- $16.00

4. Bossa Interlude for clarinet, bassoon, and piano by Stephen Brown- $16.00

5. In Dreams, Where We've Not Met for clarinet, bassoon, and piano, by Stephen Brown- $16.00

6. The Violent Rain's Mambo for woodwind quintet by Matthew Bruemmer- $16.00

7. Retrofugue for flute, bassoon, and piano by Jeremy Crosmer- $18.00

8. Due Miniature for woodwind quintet by Daniel Elder- $20.00

9. Tumult for oboe, clarinet, and bassoon by Lucas Floyd- $16.00

10. Solstice Songs for oboe, clarinet, and bassoon by Gregory Hoepfner- $16.00

11. Three Tales of Slime and Scales for solo bassoon by Kyle Hovatter- $8.00

12. Entrance for oboe, clarinet, and bassoon by Kyle Hovatter- $12.00

13. Staccato Ostinato for bassoon ensemble by Tchaikovsky- $20.00