New Issues from Accolade Musikverlag! June 09 2014

I have just received a shipment of new issues from Accolade Musikverlag in Germany. These include:

1. "The Beehive" for 3 bassoons by Luc Grethen, ACC 1475, $28.00

2. "La Serenata" for oboe (or bassoon or English Horn) and piano by Gaetano Braga, ACC 1479, $18.00

3. "Mystery" for 4 bassoons by Oliver Hasenzahl, ACC 1480, $24.00

4. "Fantasy" for bassoon and string quartet by Frederic Berr, ACC 1485, $42.00

5. "Fun 4 Five" for woodwind quintet by Helga Warner-Buhlman, ACC 1488, $38.00

6. "Six Easy Solos" for bassoon and basso continuo by Stephen Paxton, ACC 1489a, $38.00

7. "Concerto in F Major" for bassoon and piano by Andreas Gottlob Schwarz, ACC 1487k, $36.00