New Issues for oboe and bassoon May 08 2016

I have taken delivery of a number of new issues that include:

1. Concerto in C Major for oboe and piano by Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf, Phylloscopus Publications PP486A, $15.00

2. Concerto in C Major (Score & Set) for oboe and orchestra by Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf, Phylloscopus Publications, PP486, $30.00

3. Canonic Device for two clarinets and bassoon by John Mason, Opus Music Publications, OPU CP420, $9.00

4. Symphony #25 (Score & Parts) for five bassoons and contrabassoon by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, arranged by Kristian Oma Ronnes, TCO 1716, $48.00

5. Sonata in Eb Major, Op 120 #2 (Solo Bassoon Part Only) by Johannes Brahms, edited by Daryl Durran, TCO 9030, $12.00- This is a reworking of the Brahms clarinet sonata

6. Los Requiebros from "Goyescas" for woodwind quintet and brass quintet by Enrique Granados, arranged by Sylvia Coricelli, TCO 3702, $44.00

7. Die Feidlichen Zwillingsbruder for two bassoons and piano by Franz J Liftl, TCO 3701, $12.00

8. Pavane for three bassoons by Gabriel Faure (arranged by Loren Glickman), TCO 4574, $10.00

9. Emperor Waltz for four bassoons by Johann Strauss II, Sohn, (arranged by Loren Glickman), TCO 4575, $14.00

10. Nocturne for three bassoons by Alexander Borodin (arranged by Loren Glickman), TCO 4577, $10.00

11. Delightful Delibes for three bassoons by Leo Delibes (arranged by Loren Glickman), TCO 4576, $12.00