New Issues! April 11 2016

New Issues from TrevCo Music Publishing

I have received a number of new issues, including:

1. Tango Etudes for solo bassoon by Anselma Veit, AVM 614, $30.00

2. Three Impressions for woodwind quintet and piano by Allen Shawn, TCO 4806, $32.00

3. Serenade for bassoon and piano by Victor Herbert, TCO 2965, $10.00

4. Three Consequences for Four Players for oboe, horn, cello, and piano by Michael Moricz, TCO 2871, $46.00

5. Barcarolle for two bassoons by Charles Valentin Alkan, TCO 1715, $10.00

6. Alleluia for four bassoons and contra, by Franz Liszt, TCO 1698, $18.00

7. Three Lyrical Pieces for flute, oboe, and bassoon (or two oboes and bassoon) by Bill Douglas, TCO 1699, $24.00

8. Three Latin American Dances for bassoon and viola by Francesco Zuniga, TCO 5522, $20.00

9. Fugue on "Rhythmic Oboe Trio" for Woodwind Quintet by Gary Friedman, GF26, $10.00