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Concerto in d minor F8 #5, RV 481-BSN/PN

Composer: Vivaldi, Antonio

Publisher: G Schirmer

Edition: 2889


This concerto is found in a wonderful collection of some of Vivaldi's most popular bassoon concertos, edited by Sol Schoenbach with a piano reduction realized by William Winstead. The concertos are:

1. Concerto in d minor F8 #5, Pincherle 282

2. Concerto in e minor, F8 #6, Pincherle 137

3. Concerto in a minor, F8 #7, Pincherle 72

4. Concerto in C Major, F8 #13, Pincherle 46

5. Concerto in c minor, F8 #14, Pincherle 432

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