Upon a Ground-BOOK

Composer: Erhardt, Martin

Publisher: Edition Walhall (Germany)

Edition: 905


Improvisation on Ostinato Basses from the 16th to the 18th Centuries

At long last, a method for improvisation in Renaissance and Baroque music that is recommended by leading musicians and teachers, including Michael Schneider and Maurice van Lishout. Te book provides an excellent overview-and vividly conveys the paths to "freer" music making- that is helpful not only for specialists, but also for amateurs. 

This book includes:

1. Preface

2. Thematically-ordered historical overview

3. Historical improvisation- a paradox?

4. Methodical guide

   This is the meat and potatoes of the book, and is a how-to guide with sections on repetition, arpeggios, hemiolas, clasusulae, different music dance movements, intervals, etc. 

5. Appendix-glossary

6. Inclusive with two play-along CDs.

This is book is a true "MUST HAVE" for every serious music scholar!