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A Day in the City-SOLO OB

Composer: Buss, Howard

Publisher: Brixton Publications

Edition: B301


A Day in the City
Seven Vignettes for Unaccompanied Oboe
by Howard J. Buss (b. 1951)- American composer
I. Another Sunrise
II. Off to a Busy Day
III. Lost Key Episode
IV. The Waitin' in Line Blues
V. Romantic Interlude
VI. Sudden Storm
VII. Out on the Town

These colorful musical scenes from the city are excellent study and recital pieces. Each movement is given a title which depicts an occurrence that might happen during the day such as "Lost Key Episode", "The Waitin' in Line Blues", and "Sudden Storm". Because of the variety of styles presented among the different movements, the lyrical nature of the melodies, as well as the widely varied and interesting rhythms, A Day in the City "Seven Vignettes" is a refreshing and accessible addition to the unaccompanied literature. 

Duration: 10:00