2016 IDRS Young Artist Oboe Competition



The repertoire for the 2016 IDRS Young Artist Oboe Competition is:

1. Haydn: Concerto in C Major, 1st movement only- editions by Breitkopf & Haertel or Oxford University Press

2. Telemann, Partita #5, TWV 41:el- any edition

3. Colin, Charles: 3rd Solo de Concours- any edition

4. Pinkham, Daniel: Reeds for solo oboe- Edition Peters


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Composer Title Publisher Edition Price
Colin Publisher: Southern Music Co Edition: SS511
Haydn, Franz Joseph Publisher: Oxford University Press Edition: 364213
Haydn, Franz Joseph Publisher: Breitkopf und Haertel (Germany) Edition: 5349
Pinkham, Daniel


  • Unaccompanied Oboe
Publisher: C F Peters Edition: 67212
Telemann, Georg Philipp Publisher: Amadeus (Switzerland) Edition: 2400
Telemann, Georg Philipp Publisher: Masters Music Edition: 7178
Telemann, Georg Philipp Publisher: Hortus Musicus (Germany) Edition: 47